Leadership Team

The Board of Directors is charged with oversight of the activities of the LPQG.


Elected Officers

President - Patty Drewitt 

1st Vice President – Programs - Sharon Jeans 

2nd Vice President — Membership - Jeanie Noble 

Secretary - Bobbylee Ruskis (term up in 2020)

Treasurer -  Kathy Thompson (term up in 2020)

Parliamentarian - Sondra Sterling 

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of all duly elected Officers and the Chairpersons of Standing Committees appointed by the President.

Standing Committees --

Committee Chairs:

Hospitality -  Debbie Bourgeois & Diana Chambers 

Newsletter - Sondra Sterling

Publicity - Kay Hardy

Librarian - Gail Kestler

Quilt Show 2021 - Donna Garland & Bobbie Christiansen

Show & Tell - Nancy Brinton

Sunshine & Shadows - Naomi Creech

Bee Keeper - A member of each Bee

Fund Raising Quilt:

     Donation Quilt Design - Kay Hardy & Sue Glick

     Donation Quilt Tickets Printing - Kay Hardy 

     Donation Quilt Ticket Sales - Kathy Thompson 

     Donation Quilt Scheduler - Kathy Thompson

Door Prizes - Brenda Hopson

Block of the Month - Open

Special Projects:

     Education - Karen Godfrey

     Hometown Christmas - Kathie Hilton

     Challenge - Kathie Hilton & Nancy Brinton

     Challenge Retreat - Vacant

Special Projects/Troop Support - Joyce Trojan


     Community Services - Open

     Quilts of Valor  - Marty Dessele

Webmaster - Debbie Cox

Historian - Kay Hardy

Other Committee Chairs:

Bus Trip - JC Gafford 

Electronic Communications - Sondra Sterling 

Exchange Table - Mary Parrish & Rose Miller

LPQG Memorabilia - Mary Parrish & Rose Miller

Telephone Committee - Carol Crosby 

Fun Stuff Chairs: 

50/50 - Brenda Hopson 

Birthdays - Brenda Hopson

Fat Quarter Stash Builder - Kathie Hilton 

Fat Quarter of the Month - Judy Stevenson (resigning in 2020)

Gifts to Visitors - Brenda Hopson 

Secret Pals - Lyla Wenneker

Contact a Team Member

“Some of the services on this website allow you to send us an email. We will use the information you provide, such as email address or phone number, only to respond to your inquiry. Keep in mind that email transmissions are not encrypted by default, 

so we suggest you do not send sensitive information.

All electronic messages received from visitors are deleted when no longer needed.”