Charter Members - Celebrating 25 Years in 2019!

1994 Charter Members

1. Frances McDonald*

2. Betty Williams

3. Barbara Warner

4. Helen Huber*

5. Willouise Hawkins*

6. Juanita DooLittle*

7. Mary Nelson*

8. Betty Challenger*

9. Margaret Crownover*

10. Donnie Moore*

11. Luella Blankenship*

12. Donna McIntyre

13. Betty Tand

14. DeLoris M. Oakes

In Memory

“Come unto Me all those who are weary and heavy laden and I will give thee rest.” While we mourn their passing, yet we rejoice that it was our privilege to have shared a part of their lives, for we are the benefactors."

Frances McDonald

Helen Huber

Willouise Hawkins

Juanita Doolittle

Mary Nelson

Betty Challenger

Margaret Crownover

Donnie Moore

Luella Blankenship