The Livingston Piecemakers Quilt Giuld Donation Quilts


2018 Donation Quilt

Courthouse Steps 'n' Stairs


Anita Nelson of Onalaska 

Drawing was held September 9, 2019

Designed by: Kay Hardy

Quilted by: Joan Marshall


2017 Donation Quilt

Arkansas Crossroads won by Carla Goleman

Quilted by Joan Marshall

Scrappy jewel tone Four Patches were donated by

guild members and workshops were

held for assembly.

Jean's Corner donated the neutral fabric.

Designed by: Kay Hardy


2016 Donation Quilt

Curved Log Cabin

Pattern developed by Kay Hardy

Quilted by Jammie Ackley

Kay Hardy developed the pattern from the book,

Traditional Log Cabin Patterns.

She and Jammie held workshops to assemble

floral fabrics donated by guild members.

Neutral fabrics were donated by Jean's Corner.


2014 Donation Quilt


Designed by Tricia Cribbs


2013 Donation Quilt

Applique Black/Jewel Tones

Pattern developed by Bonnie Walker

Applique by Glenda Henson and Sally Tullos

Bonnie precut kits and guild members

assembled the quilt in workshops.

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Donation Quilt Winners

2018 Donation Quilt - Drawing in September 2019

2017 Donation Quilt - Carla Goleman

2016 Donation Quilt - Lyla Wenneker

2015 Donation Quilt - Brenda Hopson

2014 Donation Quilt - Charlene Everett 

2013 Donation Quilt - Danielle Dye

2012 Donation Quilt - Pat Johnson