Livingston Piecemakers Quilt Guild









Quillo instructions as amended by Sue Glick



2 yds fabric for backing

2 yds fabric for facing

1/2 yd for pillow (can be pillow panel at least 18 1/2 square)

2 yards batting of choice


Make pillow, leaving one end open. (leave the end open that you want to be the top, so that the scene is right side up when closed end of quillo is up.)  To make the pillow, place batting on hard surface, next go the pillow fabrics, rights sides together.  Pin and stitch, turn right side out, stitch around the three sewn sides from edge.  Quilt as desired.  I leave the top end open so that when folded the opening of the Quillo is at the bottom (toward the surface that the quillo sits on).  This will be sewn into quillo later, quilt as desired.


Lay batting on large flat surface.  Next goes backing and facing fabric, right sides together.  Place pillow with open end at one narrow end and pin all around leaving opening for turning (at least 24 ").  Note: the pillow pocket should be placed so that the side that you want out when it is folded is facing the backing fabric. Also, if the backing fabric is a one way pattern orient it so that it is correct when held up from the pocket. The front fabric should be correct if it is facing the pocket. Stitch with 10 to 12 stitches to the inch.  If using thick batting, reduce presser foot pressure. A walking foot also helps.  Turn right side out, check to see that all parts of the pocket were caught in the seam.  Pin opening closed and machine stitch, (I also stitch all around the edge at 1/4 "  from the edge).  Quilt as desired.  I stitch 3 lines lengthwise, beginning at center pillow end to opposite end.  Next line is begun at end opposite pillow way between edge and center.  The last line is done from pocket end way between edge and center.  Lastly, pin pocket in place against the backing fabric and stitch in place.  Enjoy.